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Gilly De-Haven 2

"We talked to Connor at Garden Innovations after we moved in, late in 2020 and we liked his vision and enthusiasm. While he could not start until February, he agreed to come one weekend to lay the slabs for the green house which was going to be vital for keeping transported plans alive through winter. With. snow still on the ground in February, Connor and the team came and cleared the lawn and other obstacles to our vision for the garden. They then proceeded to layout the paths and patios to our rough plans, always taking pains to make sure that we were happy with the decisions made. Within what seemed like no time at all they had transformed the garden into a blank canvas that we could make our own. Six months later we are well on the way to the garden we knew was achievable when we moved in. Thanks to Connor and the team for their hard work and professionalism we were able to work on the garden through lock down and have it good to go as we emerge! We have no hesitation in recommending Garden Innovations to you, you won't be disappointed."


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